Preparing for photo shoot

I have a few simple recommendations for you that will help to achieve the best result at the stage of preparation for a photo shoot! 


Getting ready for makeup: 

1. It is best to come to the shooting without makeup. In the studio, there is often simply no extra time to remove makeup, so it is best to apply only your favorite moisturizer in the morning or use a sheet mask 

2. Take care of your eyebrows. Makeup includes shaping and coloring, but full eyebrow correction is a separate salon service that I do not provide for shooting for a number of reasons, one of which is the reaction of the skin to hair removal 

3. If you don't book my services for the whole shoot, prepare for the touch up: lipstick / gloss, matting wipes / powder; you can also bring your own mascara (especially if you are allergic to certain brands or have favorite products)


Getting ready for hairstyle:

1. Come to the shooting with clean and DRY hair. Hair can be washed the night before or in the morning (balm can be used)

2. Exclude on this day any styling products and hair oils, because. they significantly complicate the work on the hairstyle, and the oil simply won't give us a chance to get a curl

3. If you want to add hair extensions, be sure to warn me and the photographer about it so that we add half an hour to the time (I do not provide extensions, but can give you contacts for renting)


If you have any questions, you can always contact me via whatsapp


See you soon!