Preparing for bridal makeup and hair

 Wedding day is the one everything must be perfect!


That is why your wedding stylist should be not just a beauty professional, but also a responsible person who can hear and understand the desires of the bride. Working with brides is special to me! I remember my bridal morning and understand how important it is to feel confident and irresistible on this day, not to think about lipstick or leaking mascara, but to enjoy every moment of this day! 

The wedding image is different from the studio one: the tone on the face should be light and radiant, the shadows are selected in gentle tones, making the bride graceful and soft. But, of course, it all depends on the idea / style of the wedding as: don't be afraid of smoky eyes if you really want it! Whatever you have in mind, I will help you to make your look perfect

 A few tips for brides:

 1. Avoid facial cleansing and tanning for at least 2 weeks before the event
 2. Before the stylist arrives, you can use a moisturizing sheet mask (the mask should be your proven remedy, no new products!) 
 3. Don't forget to take care of the skin of your hands and feet, especially if you choose an open dress! Use body lotion or cream! 
 4. It is better to wash your head in the morning before the arrival of the stylist and be sure to dry your hair thoroughly!
 5. Do not apply any hair products without discussing with the stylist. Often, extra styling products, oils and hair masks that are especially popular now make it very difficult to work on a hairstyle 
 6. If you don't book my services for the whole day, prepare for the touch up: lipstick / gloss, matting wipes / powder; you can also bring your own mascara (especially if you are allergic to certain brands or have favorite products)

I wish you an unforgettable wedding celebration!

And remember: nothing decorates a bride more than a smile! Leave the rest to me! 

Wedding stylist,